Say NO to Rusted Hitches

July 2020

Say No to Rusted Steel Hitches

The problem with steel hitches is they rust, and they break. The look unsightly and diminish the overall look of the car, truck, or SUV. Hot Hitches found this especially true in Australia where it just seems accepted to have a rusty old steel hitch on the back. Most probably because there was no alternative, until now.

In the USA, Hot Hitches found that so many vehicles had great looking and functional hitches, so we were driven to have these hitches customized for the Australian market.

Say No to Rusty old tow hitches! Instead, Be Complimented!  

Rapid Hitch vs Bad Hitch 1

Hot Hitches Launch

June 1st 2020

Hot Hitches was developed to address the problem of good-looking trucks, SUV and Utes with plain, ugly tow hitches. We became sick and tired of seeing nicely fitted out vehicles with standard old rusty tow hitches. The other problem was differing heights of tow vehicles with the trailers. Trailers are designed to be towed level or with a slight downward angle. The options were to have multiple tow hitches for multiple trailers or buy an adjustable hitch that looked, well plain ugly.

Hot Hitches is a division of Titan Stability Solutions Pty Ltd. We reviewed all tow hitches available world wide and came up with the two most outstanding hitch manufacturers in the USA. Today, Titan is the exclusive importer and distributor for these two Manufacturers.

It was not an easy road to travel as hitch sizes in the USA are different from Australia. As an example, the USA uses a 2” ball and Australia uses a 50mm ball. You cannot use a 2-inch ball in Australia so Hot Hitches had to modify all its hitches to suit Australian standards.

Be Complimented. That is the comment we hear all the time. A Hot Hitch is the standard by which all other hitches will be judged.

The rise of the American Pickup Trucks in Australia

Seeing more Ram trucks, Chevy’s and F Series trucks on Australian roads? So were we.

The Hot Hitches are ideally suited to these larger beasts that are higher off the ground. In some cases, the trucks are fitted with “lift kits” to make them even higher. Hot hitches feature up to a 10” (25cm) drop and a towing capacity of 4,500kg.

So, they not only look fantastic, they have great strength and performance capability.

Be Complimented